Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Poem About The Crow

The Crow

A crow was in my garden patch
Pecking at my plants and seeds
I went outside and ran him out
He left with utmost speed

I went back in and looked back out
And saw how soon he did return
I saw him eating up my corn
And quickly did my temper burn

I went out and threw a rock
To make him swiftly fly
But much to my dismay did see
Him circling in the sky

He waited till I went inside
Then landed for a nibble
And brought some buddies with him too
To make my troubles triple

I made a scarecrow tall and straight
And stood it by my melons
The crows never even blinked at it
And ate like feathered felons.

I tried each remedy I know
From snakes to human hair
The crows figured out all my tricks
And soon would be eating there

I gave my garden to those birds
And went off to the market
I filled my truck with corn and beans
But the crows saw where I parked it!

James L. Frady
July 6, 2000