Friday, March 20, 2009

A Couple of Poems I Wrote

Alone(a villanelle)

There is no voice I hear
All the world is quiet
There is no one near

No prophet, sage, or seer
To lighten darkest night
There is no voice I hear

No enemy to fear
Or justify the fright
There is no one near

No lover lying near
To make me feel alright
There is no voice I hear

In silence falls a tear
Lonely in its flight
There is no one near

There is no one to hear
No soul in farthest sight
There is no voice I hear
There is no one near.

©2005 James L Frady

Sunset’s Calling

Last evening I heard the call again,
quietly in my soul.
Just as the dying sunset faded,
I felt the call to go.
I saw the gold-lined crimson clouds,
above the silhouettes
of ancient Mountains worn and rounded,
rising in the west.
I stared out past the far horizon,
and watched the fading light.
I felt the pull of unseen places,
far into the night.
Deep inside, a sad, lonely corner,
is hidden in my heart.
That yearns to seek new pathways,
And urges me to start.
But I must keep it locked away,
and hidden well from view.
I cannot yet go seek my dreams,
for I have work to do.

(c) 2005 James L. Frady